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Transform Your Home: North Idaho & Eastern Washington Edition

Jason Walker
Dec 22 1 minutes read

Welcome the New Year with Homeowner Resolutions

As the calendar turns to a new year in the beautiful regions of North Idaho and Eastern Washington, it's a time to reflect not just on personal goals, but also on how we can improve our living spaces. From the pine-covered hills of Coeur D'Alene to the urban charm of Spokane or the tranquil waters of Hayden, these seven homeowner resolutions are tailored to help you enhance the inherent beauty and value of your property while embracing the unique lifestyle our area offers.

1. Invest in Sustainable Upgrades

In the lush landscapes of the Inland Northwest, we're no strangers to the blessings of nature. That's why making eco-friendly choices for our homes in places like Sandpoint or Liberty Lake has never been more crucial. Think about installing solar panels, common in Spokane's sunnier days, or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances suited for the varying climates of our regions. Look into smart thermostats to keep your Coeur D'Alene cabin cozy, and consider sustainable local materials like Idaho cedar for that combination of luxury and environmental stewardship.

2. Declutter and Organize

A home in Post Falls or the Spokane Valley can reflect the clear skies and open fields of our region when it's free from clutter. Yearly decluttering, followed by organization using bespoke solutions—perhaps from a local craftsman—is essential. Imagine a custom woodwork bookcase showcasing your collection or a handcrafted, reclaimed barnwood table becoming the centerpiece for friend and family gatherings. Organizing your space also translates to a more organized mind, ready to take on the challenges and adventures that living in the Pacific Northwest presents.

3. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Our magnificent outdoor environment is a year-round invitation to create your personal sanctuary. For those in Hayden Lake, adding a fire pit for year-round gatherings, or for city dwellers in Spokane, perhaps vertical gardening for that touch of green in an urban setting. Local nurseries can provide native plants that thrive in our environments, ensuring your outdoor oasis is both beautiful and ecological, a slice of North Idaho or Eastern Washington charm right outside your door.

4. Prioritize Home Maintenance

Majestic as our climates are, they can be tough on homes. Whether it's snow in Kellogg or the dry summer heat of the Columbia Basin, staying ahead of maintenance keeps your home as serene as our emerald forests. This could mean inspecting those shingles before the Cheney winds pick up, servicing your air conditioning system in the Tri-Cities heat, or waterproofing your basement before the Spokane River's spring rise. Consider a local expert for specialized tasks to ensure your dwelling stands resilient against the elements, preserving its value and beauty.

5. Embrace Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn't just a buzzword in Wallace or Rathdrum—it's a way of life that keeps our region pristine. Embracing energy efficiency might mean insulating your attic against the cold of Athol winters, installing water-saving fixtures to conserve the precious resources of the Palouse, or simply adopting habits that celebrate the natural wealth of our region. Every saved watt or drop of water contributes to the vitality of Eastern Washington and North Idaho's ecosystems.

6. Support Local Businesses

Our local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities from the historic shops of downtown Coeur D'Alene to the local farmers markets of the Spokane area. When you choose to support local, whether that's for remodeling materials, interior decor, or dining out, you contribute to a sustainable economy that's uniquely ours. These local artisans and purveyors bring unmatched quality and attention to detail that simply can't be found in larger chains.

7. Foster a Sense of Community

Finally, in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, community is everything. In our world of wide-open spaces and bustling urban centers, it's the connections we make with one another that turn neighborhoods into homes. Plan a block party in your cul-de-sac in Deer Park, join a clean-up effort in the Silver Valley, or participate in local charities that make a difference. The community you nurture will be the one to support you through all of life's seasons.

In Conclusion

As residents of North Idaho and Eastern Washington, we're poised to make our living environments as remarkable as the natural beauty that surrounds us. These homeowner resolutions offer a blueprint for a home that complements and enhances your lifestyle while contributing to the local community and protecting the majestic world outside our doors. Embrace the new beginnings that this year brings, and make your North Idaho or Eastern Washington home a reflection of the life you aspire to live.

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