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Maximize Natural Light in Your North Idaho & Eastern Washington Home

Jason Walker
Mar 25 1 minutes read

In the beautiful regions of North Idaho and Eastern Washington, where the blend of urban charm and natural wonder defines cities like Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, and Hayden, enhancing your home with natural light can elevate its appeal and ambiance. This is particularly advantageous given our distinct four-season climate, where maximizing sunlight can affect not only the perception of space but also improve mood and energy—essential during our crisp falls and snowy winters. Whether you're staging your house for sale in these vibrant markets or simply wish to revitalize your living experience, we've compiled a variety of strategies to infuse your home with more sunlight. From easy adjustments to thoughtful renovations, discover how you can brighten every corner of your home.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One efficient tactic to enhance natural light is through the strategic placement of mirrors. Installing mirrors opposite windows can effectively double the sunlight streaming into a room. Besides reflecting light, mirrors offer the added benefit of amplifying outdoor views and adding depth, making spaces feel larger—crucial in cozy Spokane craftsman homes or lakeside cottages in Coeur d'Alene.

2. Clean Those Windows

Though it might seem straightforward, ensuring your windows are clean can significantly increase the sunlight entering your home. Regularly cleaning your windows inside and out eliminates dirt and grime that can obscure natural light. This task is especially important in areas like Eastern Washington and North Idaho, where seasonal dust and pollen can accumulate on window surfaces.

3. Trim the Hedges

The natural landscape is a defining feature of our region, yet unchecked greenery can restrict the flow of sunlight into your home. Maintenance of trees and shrubs, especially those near windows, is key. A well-manicured garden not only enhances curb appeal in neighborhoods like Hayden but also ensures your home bathes in ample sunlight.

4. Choose Light, Reflective Colors

Selecting interior paints in light, reflective hues can dramatically brighten a space. Whites, creams, and pastels are not only trendy in contemporary Pacific Northwest design but also excel at dispersing light throughout a room. A fresh coat of paint can redefine your space, making it appear more open and welcoming.

5. Install Larger Windows or Skylights

For those considering a significant change, enlarging windows or adding skylights can substantially boost natural light. This renovation can be particularly impactful in our region, where maximizing views of the stunning landscapes — be it the rolling hills around Spokane or the Lake Coeur d'Alene shoreline — can amplify the beauty and value of your home. Although this requires a more substantial investment, the transformation is often worth every penny.

6. Use Sheer Window Treatments

Heavy curtains can block precious sunlight. Opting for sheer window treatments provides privacy without sacrificing natural light. This change is especially effective in preserving the breathtaking vistas common in our area, while softly diffusing light for a tranquil indoor atmosphere.

7. Add Glass Doors

Substituting solid doors with glass alternatives, particularly for entries to outdoor spaces, can immensely improve a home's natural lighting. French or sliding glass doors not only augment light but also enhance the visual flow between your home's interior and the stunning outdoor scenery, offering easy access to patios and gardens that are a hallmark of living in our verdant region.


Revamping your home with natural sunlight need not be an overwhelming challenge. By incorporating these strategies, from minimal decor adjustments to more extensive architectural modifications, you can transform your living environment into a luminous and inviting space. Not only will this make your home more appealing, especially in the competitive North Idaho and Eastern Washington real estate markets, but you'll also reap the numerous health and wellness benefits that come with increased exposure to natural light. As your dedicated real estate specialist in this breathtaking area, my goal is to help you realize the full potential of your home, ensuring it shines in the best possible light.

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