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North Idaho & East Washington Home Style Guide 2024

Jason Walker
Dec 13 7 minutes read

As we embark on 2024, the North Idaho and Eastern Washington real estate markets buzz with fresh, captivating trends that revolutionize our abodes, weaving together bold expression, handcrafted beauty, and ties to natural surroundings. Whether it's the daring tile designs in Spokane kitchens or the artisan touch in Coeur D’Alene cabins, this year's home design trends are sure to impress. Let's journey through the top trends reimagining homes from Hayden Lake to the rolling hills of the Palouse.

Bold choices with a distinctive appeal create extraordinary spaces

In North Idaho and Eastern Washington, where the landscapes are as varied as the people, 2024 home design is about capturing that unique essence. Forget the understated palettes of yesteryears; we're embracing the adventurous side of design. Picture a Lake Pend Oreille retreat adorned with energetic hues of cerulean or a Spokane craftsman with an audacious emerald-green kitchen – spaces that invite joy and spontaneity.

The Dopamine Décor trend is flourishing here, where homes are curated to promote joy with audacious shades and intelligent design. By complementing striking colors with the soothing neutrals of our natural basalt and pine, locals create harmonious spaces that are as comforting as they are exciting. With an accent on individuality, our homes are evolving into bespoke refuges where every day is a delight.

This trend extends to home furnishings, with Spokane's vintage stores and Coeur D’Alene's artisanal markets offering ample inspiration. From palatial vases that echo the grandeur of the Spokane River to sculptural pieces that pay homage to our mountain roots, these features embrace a playful yet sophisticated vibe that's unmistakably Inland Northwest.

Artisanal art enriches homes with creativity and craftsmanship

In our digitized age, the tactile allure of handcrafted décor is growing stronger. Our community's reverence for skilled artisanship is palpable in 2024, from custom woodcrafts found in Post Falls to the hand-blown glass that catches the light in Sandpoint studios.

Our region's craftsmanship marries function with form, whether it's hand-carved furniture reflecting North Idaho's rugged terrain or hand-painted ceramic tiles reminiscent of Eastern Washington's sprawling vineyards. These unique pieces resonate with our desire for the genuine and enduring, celebrating artisanal heritage over fleeting trends.

Vintage influences interweave charm and history into modern decor

Nostalgia takes center stage as bygone eras inspire contemporary spaces, with vintage finds from Spokane’s historic districts to the timeless allure found in Hayden's antique shops. Our local designs are invigorated by the warm, earthy hues that recall the past, connecting our storied history to the edges of modern innovation.

Witness Victorian details merge with sleek modernity, creating living spaces that are as nuanced as our region's history itself. Our local homeowners aren't just decorating; they're curating environments that bridge the gap between epochs, yielding spaces that are enduring and fresh.

Unique tiles turn simple areas into stunning displays

Tiles have transformed into a statement of self-expression here in the Pacific Northwest. In 2024, look for Spokane Valley bathrooms adorned with oversize terra-cotta masterpieces, or Liberty Lake backslashes featuring vibrant mosaics.

Tiles like hand-painted Zellige celebrate the artistry and whimsy of Inland Northwest's creative spirit, offering limitless potential for homeowners to showcase their individuality. Whether it's a bathroom in a historic Browns Addition home or a contemporary kitchen in Hayden, our tiles are laying the groundwork for personal flair.

Smart home tech revolutionizes the future of convenient living

In Eastern Washington and North Idaho, smart home technology is not just a trend; it’s becoming a cornerstone of home design. Imagine adjusting the ambiance in your Coeur D'Alene lakefront property or monitoring your Spokane Valley orchard with just a whisper to your AI assistant.

In 2024, we're not merely building homes; we're crafting responsive habitats. From ergonomic home office setups in Cheney to advanced security systems in Rathdrum, our embrace of tech-savvy solutions is enhancing the way we live, work, and relax.

Nature-inspired home designs harmonize living spaces

In a region as lush and diverse as ours, it’s no surprise that nature-centric designs are paramount. Biophilic design channels our majestic landscapes inside, whether it’s a living wall that mirrors the forests of Priest River or materials that echo the fields of the Palouse.

Homes here are sanctuaries, places where the boundaries between indoors and out blur, inviting tranquility and the outdoors in. Large picture windows framing Coeur D’Alene sunsets or skylights capturing Spokane’s twilight sky are more than just design choices; they're lifestyle enhancements that amplify our connection to this extraordinary patch of the earth.

Home design in 2024

As we look toward the horizon of home design in 2024, our local trends encompass the depth of personal expression, the warmth of handcrafted artistry, and the serenity of our natural surroundings. Whether you're reimagining a Spokane bungalow or fine-tuning a farmhouse in Palouse, these trends guide you toward creating spaces that not only captivate the eye but also resonate deeply with your distinctive Northwest lifestyle. Join us as we embrace a future where home design is an artful journey, honoring creativity, innovation, and individuality.

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