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Spring Into Style in North Idaho & East WA

Jason Walker
Feb 27 1 minutes read

Embrace the Tranquility of the Inland Northwest in Your Backyard

As the frosty veil of winter lifts across North Idaho and Eastern Washington, from the shores of Lake Coeur D'Alene to the foothills of Spokane, the promise of spring beckons us towards the outdoors. Whether your home offers a panoramic view of Hayden Lake or a charming patio in the heart of Spokane, it's time to reinvent your personal retreat with the coming of warmer days. Here's how you can cultivate an outdoor haven reflective of our picturesque region and ideal for savoring the springtime blooms and balmy evenings.

Create Purposeful Outdoor Living Areas

Envision the functionality of your outdoor sanctuary. In our area, where nature is a part of our lifestyle, integrating spaces for activities like outdoor dining overlooking the Spokane River or a fireside lounge to enjoy Coeur D'Alene's twilight is essential. Segment your space thoughtfully: a rustic picnic table for family BBQs, a fire pit circled with Adirondack chairs, or a gentle Spokane Valley hammock swaying in the pine-scented breeze.

Infuse Northwestern Flora

Nothing says North Idaho and Eastern Washington like indigenous greenery. Introduce local plant varieties to merge your space with the natural landscape. Spring blooms of trilliums, dogwoods, and wild lilacs could transform your garden into a Kootenai County meadow. In compact zones, apartment dwellers in downtown Spokane could opt for balcony herb gardens or climbers that evoke the rolling Palouse hills.

Select Durable Outdoor Furnishings

Every outdoor vignette requires furnishings that marry comfort with resilience. In our region, where elements shift from Suncrest winds to Post Falls rain, choose hearty yet chic material like cedar from our local forests, or go for powder-coated metal that reflects Spokane’s industrial heritage. Cushion your spaces with weatherproof textiles that mirror the blues and greens of the North Idaho landscape.

Illuminate with Enchanting Outdoor Lighting

Ambient lighting transcends a makeshift patio into an evening soiree space. Think of spread-out fairy lights that mirror the starlit sky above Hayden’s night horizon or solar path lamps leading a trail through your sandpoint inspired garden. These radiant touches aren't just practical; they capture the whimsical beauty of our nights.

Foster a Sense of Privacy

In the closely-knit communities of Liberty Lake or the suburban stretches of Coeur D'Alene, privacy can be as high a priority as the view. Strategic placements of Pacific Northwest evergreens, terrace privacy screens, or pergolas covered in local climbing vines offer solitude and a unique connection with the local fauna.

Integrate Calming Water Features

Replicate the serene essence of Priest Lake or the Spokane River with the addition of a water feature. The soft murmur of a bubbling brook installation or a rustic, stone-clad fountain can mute the buzz of neighborhood life, transporting you to the secluded wilderness that Eastern Washington and North Idaho residents cherish.

Create Shaded Sanctuaries

Spring and summer in the Inland Northwest herald in abundant sunshine. A thoughtfully positioned pergola or sleek retractable awnings, reminiscent of those covering the charming bistros along Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene, will provide a cool refuge and safeguard your conversation sets from the elements.

Accessorize with Local Charm

Personal touches infuse your outdoor setting with character and flair. Incorporate motifs that celebrate our rich local heritage: an outdoor rug patterned after native Pend Oreille art or vibrant cushions that echo the hues found in Manito Park’s botanical gardens. These selections should not only charm visitors but also withstand the variable Rathdrum Prairie climate.

Prioritize Ease and Durability

When enhancing your space, consider the gifts of time and ease. Opt for perennial gardens that showcase seasonal Inland Northwest colors without extensive upkeep, and choose furniture that requires only a simple hose down after a Cheney dust storm. Embrace materials and plants that are native or adapted to the Spokane Valley and North Idaho climate, ensuring durable beauty.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Season and Setting

Preparing your outdoor living space for spring in North Idaho and Eastern Washington means more than routine home improvement. It's about creating a sanctuary that resonates with both the region's natural wonders and your lifestyle. No matter if your backdrop is the urban vibrancy of Spokane or the tranquil vista of Lake Pend Oreille, these tailored ideas can help you craft an enchanting extension of your home. So, as the frost thaws into the blooming beauty of spring, take advantage of these inspirations to ready your outdoor haven for seasons of joy.

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